Unlike many festivals which simply put bands on, Alt-Fest is a celebration of the alternative subculture as a whole, it is a gathering of the clans. Music of course plays a huge part in this but we think art is another way that people find of expressing themselves, another way that they can show their individuality. To this end we have added the highly talented Bonnie to our team who will be engaged in various projects around the site. Here she gives us an insight in how she plans to make Alt-Fest stand out from the rest.

You clearly have a passion for art but how did you arrive at this point, tell us a little about yourself, Have you done anything like this before? What made you want to be a part of Alt-Fest?

“I'm a Glastonbury country bumpkin who was drawn to the big city to be immersed in the alternative lifestyle. I've always been arty, spending my childhood mostly drawing, and I still love art today, though I have branched out into photography and design as well. My music taste has been a consistent influence on my imagery, whether it be artistic subject or photography content, and the line up of Alt Fest appeals to me; I am very excited and honoured to be a part of it! I have been collaborating with the alternative lifestyle for a few years now, having contributed artwork to Antichrist projects, exhibiting at the clubnight, helping with art co-ordination at Dark Mills Festival, photographing various alternative nightlife events and have been involved a broad selection of exhibitions with London subcultures.”

You're going to be involved in lots of different things around the site, what have you got planned?

“For the art side of Alt Fest, we wanted to create something a bit different for the crowd. A lot of alternative festivals are so concentrated on the bands and visually do not encourage a creative atmosphere, however there are many festivals out there who are known for being a wholly interactive experience even whilst the bands aren't playing. I have been working as a steward at Glastonbury Festival for a few years now, and even though the line up actually rarely presents a 'favourite' band of mine, there is so much to see and do there, and this has influenced me highly for what I wish to develop for Alt Fest. Instead of having a particular art area, we have decided to integrate the art into the whole site, so wherever you are, you will be near something visually inspiring and an atmosphere for fun. We are looking to include workshops, walkabout performances, art you can get involved with yourself, and interactive experiences. We are also looking to dress the stages with decoration to enhance the experience of the live music. This will also create interesting imagery for the photography of the bands, and present something a little different.”

You're looking at using recycled materials. What is the thinking behind this? How will you collect what you need?

“Being a bit of a hippy, all I do is with environment in mind, and using recycled materials not only seems like a great choice ecologically speaking, but also means we have more budget to do more fun things for the crowd! We are now on constant look out for things we can collect to use, I do love a bit of "skipping" and can't help walking past things left on the street with an eye to see if it might be useful, we will also be looking to collect old fabrics and clothing to cut up and transform into aesthetically pleasing surroundings!“

The task seems huge so presumably you'll have a team working with you. How many people are going to be involved and how have you selected them? Are there still opportunities for people to join in?

“I will soon be outreaching for a team of people to be involved in the creative process. We will have a core team of professional artists involved, and also lots of opportunities for enthusiasts to help out as well- we have a major task at hand and will need painters, seamstresses, people who can construct, anyone creative really! There will be rewards for the hard work, which are currently in discussion. If you are interested in helping, please keep an eye out for shout outs via the Facebook page and website and get in touch!”

Is there anything you'd like to add for people who are going to Alt-Fest or for those still looking to buy their ticket?

“Do go and buy your ticket now, this is proving to be a fantastic event, and if you are selected to help at the festival you will have your ticket reimbursed. Buying your ticket now saves you money later, as we have some great deals on early bird tickets!“



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  • The art and immersive nature of Alt-Fest as well as the artists team and cooperative for me is singularly one of, if not THE, most important and exciting aspect of the festival.... NOT just tents in a field like so many other festivals but creating something to behold, very exciting!! - Dom