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Want to survive Alt-Fest in style? We all know that, at times, camping can be perilous and fraught with danger. We mean, who wants to be another statistic in the impaled themselves on a tent peg / whacked themselves in the eye with a mallet stakes? Exactly. With this in mind, Team Alt-Fest have done their best to take as much hassle out of camping as is humanly possible, with a fantastic array of options when it comes to the glamping experience. Why? Because you're worth it.

With that in mind, if you're looking to take your Alt-Fest experience taken to the next level then we have you covered. Think of it as enjoying all the fun and convenience of on-site camping, but without the headache.

Alt-Fest is all about community, so if you'd like to take advantage of our luxury, on-site accommodation then why not take the opportunity to share your Alt-Fest experience in the company of friends and family, which will not only make for an even more fun time, but will bring your glamping costs down immensely.

Compared to certain other festivals, whose camping charges are based on a per person rate, here at Alt-Fest we prefer to charge you an inclusive flat rate to keep things simple and to allow you the opportunity to share not only the cost, but the love.

Each of our glamping options come with a variety of perks that you won't find elsewhere, such as memory foam mattresses, solar powered lighting, rugs, scatter cushions, etc, all intended to make your time at Alt-Fest even more pleasurable and memorable.

Give me convenience or give me death, according to legendary US punks Dead Kennedys, and here we've gone for convenience. There will be no precarious tent-based construction to contend with, you won't have to lug it to Alt-Fest and back and it won't wind up a disused mess in the corner of your loft/spare room/kitchen. And after the festival has finally run it's course, simply walk away, safe in the knowledge that the Alt-Fest glamping gophers will do all the hard work of dismantling the tent for you. Simples.

Unlike most other festivals we do not charge for your Glamping per person. For example one main stream festival charge £1200 for 2 people in a Bell Tent, or £1800 for the same tent with 4 people! We also believe those kind of hire charges are extortionate! Our hire charge is an inclusive flat rate irrespective of the number of people staying. On some options there is a small additional fee per person should you require bedding to be included.

To book your Glamping accommodation for Alt-Fest:

  1. Book your Alt-Fest ticket(s)
  2. Add-on your camping with your tickets (£20ea)
  3. Head back here and select your Glamping option

So for example 3 friends staying in a Bell Tent would need 3 Alt-Fest tickets, 3 camping add-ons at £20ea and 1 lovely Bell Tent.

Don’t forget your camping pass – everyone camping, in their own tent, Tangerine Fields OR Glamping needs a £20 camping pass to cover the cost of the campsite facilities and amenities. If you already purchased a camping pass when you ordered your tickets then you’re all set! If you have already purchased your tickets but didn’t add on the camping pass please login to your account originally used to order at and then you can add camping on!

Q/ Why do we charge £20 per person for camping?
A/ As our Glamping is a flat rate hire per tent and not per person each £20 contributes to the cost of the campsite facilities per person.

Stay for 3-5 nights, from August 14th-18th all included. Latest check-out is 10am Tuesday 19th August.

Q/ Can I choose the Quiet Zone (or any other zone) for my glamping accomodation?
A/ No - Glamping has it’s own Glamping Zone at Alt-Fest that is separate from the other zones including the Quiet Zone.

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