Shanklin Freak Show

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Freak Show!

The Shanklin Freak Show are an electro-circus-rock band from outer-space and they are here to change the world! There are currently six members in the band and they reside on the Isle Of Wight, England.

Starting merely as a concept in 2003 by central member and cult leader, Mr. Strange, The Shanklin Freak Show slowly evolved into something more real, and indeed, surreal! With it’s musical roots tapping into many different genres - such as vaudeville, rock, hip-hop, circus, steampunk, glam, electro, industrial, metal and cabaret - The Shanklin Freak Show are one of those bands that are a little difficult to catagorize, and all the better for it.

Just who are these freaks!?

MR STRANGE: Jesus-like figure, Writer, Producer, Genius
Likes: You to fuck off. Cats, Tea, Biscuits and the sight of you fucking off. Knitting spaghetti fishing jumpers for Italian sailors.
Dislikes: You not fucking off. Anti-social people.

"KRONIK": Bass Guitars, Hamster Impressions
Likes: Bacon, Eggs, Sausages, Hash Browns, Beans, Bubble n' Squeak, Toast, Fried Tornadoes and Mushroom Clouds with a mug of Coffee followed by a 200 yard dash.
Dislikes: Being skint. Being chased. Nazis. Black Pudding.

STENCH: Guitars, Bars and Fajitas
Likes: Surrealism, Realism and trying to differentiate between the two. Dragon Stew and dumplings.
Dislikes: His ability to see into the past with foresight. Underground Slug Fighting.

PAINLESS: Backing Vocals/General Anarchy
Likes: Ninjas with boobs, making holes in the fabric of reality, creating an air of total disbelief.
Dislikes: Bingo, Prison and more importantly, Prison Bingo.

Likes: Beating the shit out of stuff, putting it back together and then strapping some kind of explosive device to it, blowing it to Hell and smiling at the carnage. Oh, and he just adores Kittens.
Dislikes: Repeats on TV, The Entire World.

"FOUL"- Vocals
Likes: Fast Cars, Haribo, Nuclear Strength Coffee, Wires'n'fings.
Dislikes: Anything Slow (Do NOT leave him alone with your tortoise!).

The Shanklin Freak Show are now planning to take over the world. They will not rest until planet Earth is under their control, and the first phase of their revolution has already begun! The freaks are distributing songs that contain subliminal messages in a devious plot to subvert the worlds youth! Their music will turn our innocent youth into a freak army! Their freaky-circus-space-diesel-punk-rock is already infecting the world-wide-web, forget your peers, save yourself from this unspeakable horror! There is no escape! The Shanklin Freak Show plan to take over the world!!!

Strangest of strangers, weirdest of weirdos, queerest of queers...

...join the Freak Show at Alt-Fest!


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