There Are More Types Of Steampunk Than There Are Legs On A Steam Driven Spider, And Some Are Darker Than Others.

"Black Country Steampunk, no harpsichords, but highly strung nonetheless."

- Birthrite

Birthrite are from the region of England that inspired Tolkein's Mordor, a dark and foreboding place, black with soot and the wails of machines. Their full velocity brand of Steampunk is sliced up with energy and hard electricity, this is a fully electric band and this is a hard edged sound in a 21st Century that takes its source from the darkest rookeries of the Victorian age.

The Victorian past has dark parallels with the modern world, a world of invention and science, yet riddled with corruption and poverty. 120 years of distillation later, do we really know any more than our Great Grandfathers did?

We herald the return of the showman and the show as both spectacle and experience, and as we hurtle onwards through progress to God knows where, we may as well dance.


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