"I would love this album, as a DJ it just makes my job easier."

– Mark Jackson (VNV Nation)

After releasing the track "The Protagonist" as a one-off compilation entry on the Advanced Electronics Vol. 3, Faderhead received a lot of record company attention and finally signed with Accession Records/Indigo to release his debut album FH1 in 2006. Rave reviews and the inofficial "newcomer of the year" title made FH1 an instant debut-success with standout tracks like "The Protagonist", "Vanish" and "O/H Scavenger". The year progressed and saw Faderhead play shows alongside bands like Combichrist, Diary Of Dreams, [:SITD:], Painbastard and others, winning over the audience again and again.

2007 saw the release of the extremely popular FH2 CD which featured the massive club hit "Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois", a song that still fills dancefloors 2 years later. Faderhead released a music video for the track "Girly Show" and played festivals like WGT (Germany) and Infest (UK) among other shows.

2008 started with the departure from Accession Records and the signing to L-Tracks Recordings. This decision led to serious speculation regarding the future of Faderhead by press and fans, but the free song/video release of the hauntingly beautiful pianoballad "Exit Ghost" firmly silenced all sceptics. Only a few months later the powerful club-anthem "TZDV" was released alongside a very popular video and conquered dancefloors from Moscow to Mexico City. This put an end to any doubts that may have persisted about the direction of Faderhead and established the German producer as one of the top names in the genre at merely 25 years of age. On October 10th, the highly-anticipated FH3 album was released and again gathered top reviews from media and fans alike - FH3's darker mood and more aggressive tones showing once again an evolution from the previous recordings.

2009 brought the release of Horizon Born, a 5-song EP that featured only ballads. The title track was remixed by Faderhead and turned into a veritable futurepop anthem, which garnered a lot of club play worldwide.

2010 saw the release of Trilogy. Since FH1, FH2 and FH3 had been sold out and were not reprinted, Faderhead decided to compile the most popular 18 tracks from those releases onto one CD. Trilogy has become a favorite among new Faderhead fans because it represents the first 3 years on one CD.

In October 2010 the 4th full-length album Black Friday was released. The concept album that told the story of a night-gone-wrong. Was accompanied by a 15-minute shortmovie and quickly garnered reviews as Faderhead's most mature album. Songs like "Destroy Improve Rebuild", "Pussy Rules" and "The Way To Fuck God" became massive club hits and Faderhead's European club tour became a success.

2011 began with a 15-show tour in the USA with Aesthetic Perfection and Everything Goes Cold and ended with a download-only EP release called The Way To Fuck Clubs, which showcased remixes of "The Way To Fuck God" as well as an acoustic version of "Hot Bath And A Cold Razor" and "The Moth And The Fire". The Shaolyn remix of "The Way To Fuck God" has become a favorite among hard dance DJs all over the world.

2012 turned out to be Faderhead's most successful year yet: the 5th album The World Of Faderhead was released alongside 3 impressive 360° panoramic images and 3 music videos. The video to "Fistful Of Fuck You" became a scene hit due to its original style and content. Faderhead headlined a 14-show US tour and played all over Europe including a highly acclaimed set at the completely packed M'Era Luna hangar stage. The European pressing of The World Of Faderhead was already almost sold out before the end of the year and Faderhead reached the no. 7 spot of MusicNonStop's best-selling releases of 2012 in the UK, tying And One and coming in ahead of legacy-acts like Fields Of The Nephilim, De/Vision, Suicide Commando and Hocico.

In 2013 Faderhead's electronic music assault is in full swing. One EP, six highly acclaimed albums and two compilations in 6 years - as well as 4 massive worldwide clubhits with "Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois", "TZDV", "Destroy Improve Rebuild" and "Fistful Of Fuck You" - have moved the project from Hamburg/Germany into the limelight of the harder electro scene. From stompy techno to synthpop to dirty groove-laden electro: Faderhead mashes it all up like no one else which is evident by the release FH4.

In 2014 Faderhead bring their stompy madness to the fields of Bougton where all those at Alt-Fest can join in the fun!


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