Clan of Xymox

There are few bands that have withstood the test of time and continue to evolve and provoke. Clan of Xymox are one of these bands and we know you will love having them at your Alt-Fest! What follows is a very brief history of the Clan...

Since Clan of Xymox formed in their native Holland their music has been constantly changing, always challenging and often quite breathtaking. Some of us have always been of the opinion that Xymox are something special. A band fired by electronic music but determined, always, to make something that is very much their own. They are unique.

First there was Clan of Xymox, formed in Amsterdam but signed to leading English independent label 4-AD, home at one time or another to the Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Pixies, Throwing Muses, among others. 1985 saw the release of the band's self-titled debut album.

October 1988 saw the band and 4-AD part company. Encouraged by label boss Ivo they signed to Wing, a left of centre subsidiary of media monolith PolyGram. The band shortened their name to Xymox and gave the world 1989's "Twist of Shadows" album.

The bands fourth album "Phoenix" released worldwide in 1991 was their last album on Wing.

In 1994 Xymox re released their first limited available mini-album "Subsequent Pleasures" on Double Dutch Records.

In 1997 Ronny Moorings ended the Xymox era, restarted Clan of Xymox and the band signed to a brand new USA and German based Independent label Tess Records.

1999 saw the release of their darkest album ever, named "Creatures", again beautifully mixed by John A. Rivers and Ronny, on their new North American label Metropolis Records and Pandaimonium Records in Europe. The album had rave reviews and numerous articles in prestigious music magazines around the globe with several hight positions in the alternative charts, peaking at DAC number 4 for several weeks.

Early 2009 Clan Of Xymox switched labels, going to Trisol Records in Europe but stays on Metropolis in the USA and Gravitator in Russia.

An impressive 26 years have passed since the founding of CLAN OF XYMOX – a period being revisited on the new album and leading to ten modern Dark Wave classics ready to be instantly introduced into the canon of gloomy music. “Darkest Hour” is music for the night, is music for life and for death, is music for eternity.


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