Alt-Fest is honoured to have the renowned Circus of Horrors performing throughout the weekend so it seemed only natural to catch up with ringmaster Dr Haze to find out a little about what makes him tick and what he has planned for us next August. One thing's for sure, with Circus Of Horrors you know you're going to be in for a hell of a show.

Circus of Horrors is your brainchild, how did you decide that this is what you wanted to do for a living? How did you start up and when?

"It started properly 18 years ago at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival. I was born and bred in a traditional circus, my father was a lion trainer. I decided to leave the circus when I was 20 and have a go at Rock n Roll. I did OK at that, released a few records etc but never made any money at it until I started to use my theatrical background. The Circus of Horrors was a natural progression of that, combining 3 of my loves, Rock music, Circus & Horror."

How do you find the acts for Circus of Horrors? Do people come to you or do you see performers and ask them to join?

"Sometimes I have specific act's that I want and go and find them but in a lot of cases they find me, COH is a cool show to be part of and the age old adage' I'm gonna run away & join the circus' really does happen and in some cases we do give them the chance."

Have you ever seen an act that was simply too macabre or weird that you had to say no?

"We had a guy come to an audition & nailed his bollocks to a plank of wood, it wasn't that it was too macabre it was more the point that he could only do it once, a bit like someone killing themselves, there's no encore."

It seemed only natural for Circus of Horrors to be a part of Alt-Fest, what do you think of the idea of a non corporate run festival for all the alternative clans?

"Absolutely, when Dom and Missy asked us to get involved I said yes straight away, it should be a great success I really like what they do at Antichrist and a whole weekend of blood, guts, debauchery and rock n Roll sounds good to me."

Will you be bringing your full show? What can festival goers expect to see during a performance?

"Yes it will be the full show, I can't give you the full line up yet until we get the complete technical specifications but it will defiantly be a hell of a show."

You'll be playing some pre-watershed shows with toned down content too, is that something you've ever done before?

"Yes we did that at Thorpe Park for their fright nights & it worked well."

Will you or your acts be checking out the rest of the site? Will you even have time to do this with your exhaustive schedule?

"We certainly will have a gruelling time but we will defiantly be checking out the other acts."

Have you got anything you'd like to say to all the Alt-Festers out there?

"I think it's great that the whole of the alternative movement are getting behind this project and if it works it could be a regular occurrence and a definite date in everyone's diary as Download is now."

It's been great talking to you. We cannot wait to see Circus Of Horrors amazing people at Alt-Fest next year.

For more information on what to expect you can find out all about the Circus Of Horrors on their website:


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