Dope Stars Inc

With lyrics inspired by Cyberpunk imagery and subculture Dope Stars Inc. have been mixing industrial beats, acid synths and distorted sounds with a bratty rock’n’roll sound and attitude since their foundation in may 2003.Join them in 2014 for an iconic 11th year performance of unimaginable intensity at Alt-Fest!

We are the generation of the Ultrawired, the arcade maniacs, the arkanoid superstars. Fighting space invaders and street fighters when back from school. No game over could scare us. Ready to insert the next coin and push the start button for another round. Vic 20, c64, atari, amiga or x86 had no secret for us hence tapes and floppy disks were our energy packs. Pioneers of the early operating systems. Begging for just few more megabytes on the next generation hard drive. Dreaming of hokuto no-ken post nuclear worlds and laughin out loud in the monkey island. Ready for the final fight and facing every stage monster with our golden axe. Skating in the backyard and driving in the park with our BMX. Packed with music cassettes in our backpack, equipped with our beloved walkman. We are the time travellers that will bring you back to future. We are a short circuit. We are the last starfighters. The Mario bros. The raiders of the lost Ark. We are the goonies, the navigators, the explorers. We are the Ghostbusters, the Lost boys and Blade Runners. The Knight Riders, the Terminators and Robocops. We are the Visitors. The Fremen of the lands of Dune. We are the generation of Wargames and tic tac toe. The rebel troops of star wars in the last battle to restore the galactic republic. We have been fighting the alien mindbenders by the side of Zak. We have seen the first cell phones, the first modems, the first bbs and the first web page. We burned CDs or DVDs for the first time expanding our music/software collection. We are the ones you could meet on the IRC channels and newsgroups. Playing with port scanners and looking for the next exploit or backdoor. We are the generation of do it yourself, the Ufo hunters, the proud technological geeks. Registered to hundreds of message boards with our crazy nicknames and getting excited by the next technological shit. Anything we wanted to know was just one click away, stored in one of our thousand databases, in our USB pen drive. We've seen the pirate networks and social networks changing the entire digital world and opening the gates to the freedom of information. Computers taking over the world governments for the first time. We are the generation who's gonna leak the secrets hidden for centuries and who's gonna spread them into the global network. Unfolding the unseen and sharing it with our trillion buddies. We are the generation of free download, free upload. The generation of cut, copy and paste. We are the soldiers of the first worldwide cyberwar. Supreme commanders of the ultimate FPS, equipped with our last generation joypad. This is just few of the things we've seen. Few of the things we really are. Thousand are the things we will see tomorrow. Thosuands are the shapes we'll have tomorrow. Always ready to make the next step in evolution. Never tired to connect to the next virtual world, the next network, the next cyberspace.


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