Birthrite hail from the heart of the post-industrial Black Country in the UK. It's still fairly bleak in The Black Country, seeing as we live in the future now, but the band are doing their damnedest to brighten the place up a bit until we get our flying cars and jetpacks.

"Black Country Steampunk, no harpsichords, but highly strung nonetheless."

- Birthrite

The band's music is a melange of their own individual musical tastes and life experiences, which are many, varied, noisy and in some cases illegal. They like a bit of a cavort, so standing still is not in their opinion an option with the end of the world predicted on an almost daily basis, better to be a moving target than a sitting duck! They like to put on a show that bristles with energy, and they want the energy they are projecting to be absorbed by the audience, and be carried on to create new ideas, and new artists.

The band has a very visual style which is quite heavily retro, because they feel it's just much better everything. The disposable 21st century does not fill Birthrite with much hope and wonder anymore, and a side step to a more hand crafted and artistic world would in their opinion be much better. Just because we have to use machines for everything these days does not mean that the machines can’t be made to be beautiful. Birthrite have an affinity therefore for the Steampunk genre, due to its diversity and openness to such outlandish ideas and styles, but still like to experiment with other art forms, and try to push boundaries at all times.


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